Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Is Here

The last part of May was amazing. It rained almost every day and my yard is looking pretty dang good and the best part of all...I didn't have to give the Town of Eagar an arm and a leg to get it looking so good. THANK YOU, Heavenly Father!

Ed was here for the weekend and we were pretty busy doing a lot of nothing. Did get my yard work done before he got home and we got the rest of the stuff out of Brother Stroud's garage and now I'm going to tackle cleaning out my garage, deep cleaning my house, start a diet, finish painting the inside of the house, day dream about all of the projects I would do if I had two nickels to rub together :o)
Kamryn at the Tea Party at Velda's - she had a ball!

Trentin out in Velda's yard.

Gunnar and Maddie at Grandma Mary's going to Minnesota for the summer party.
Bailey at Grandma Mary's going to Minnesota for the summer party.
Now I know I'm a typical grandma, but honestly aren't these four of the cutest kids? I LOVE each of them "a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck". Love Mo Mo Sadie :o)

(Thanks, Caroline for the pics)
Yesterday Troy and Maggie drove to Buckhorn to look at a car that was for sale...I rode with them and it was a quick trip, too quick for Trentin who screamed most of the way home. What a beautiful sound of a baby sleeping...

I've dug a flower bed on the south side of my house and have to finish the west side and get my perenials in there. I'm trying to get perenials in most of the flower beds so that they are pretty much maintenance free. I LOVE flowers and gardening. I dug out my grow tires and am planting tomatoes this afternoon.
I'm on a roll and it feels good. I took a quick break and now I'm playing on the computer - not real productive but slowly but surely I'm getting things done around here.
Hope everyone is ok - love to all.

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Velda said...

Four of the cutest kids for sure and I can think of 10 more!!!! Love to all.

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