Monday, October 5, 2009


My sister is 50... can you believe it? I can still remember when she was born. I don't remember much about her being a baby, just the day she was born. I remember being about 9 in this picture and she would have been about 4. I still remember the dresses mama made us - Easter was a BIG dressy day for little girls. I got new shoes and socks and they even make gloves anymore? Nola's dress was just like mine but she got a FULL slip and her skirt stuck out more than mine. She had naturally curly blonde liked to play with Toni home perms so I got a perm whenever the mood struck her :o( My little sister was cute and everybody loved her. I can't remember life without her. As we grew up, she was lots braver than I was and got into more trouble. She loved to eat peanut butter and her favorite meal of all time was french fries. She became a picky eater and I don't know how, because we ate everything at home. Now she won't touch an onion, peas, carrots, etc. She's a great cook and a good mother and grandmother. She's the best sister ever, has the BIGGEST heart and will do anything for anybody at any time. This was taken in 1973 - just before Don got home from his mission. Those were the days when I was thin. Nola was always the prettiest of the two of us. I think I might have been jealous. She had tons of friends and was a good friend. A crappy room-mate for me though. She was a pack rat and collected rocks and had them in egg cartons under her bed. I would get mad at her messes and finally moved out to the den because we didn't use it anyway. Went to work and when I got home that night, she and mom had moved Nola into the den with me! Got a call from her a few years back when she told me she and the girls were going to Vegas to see "George" Strait. I said cool...she said, you're going too. We did - had an absolute ball. She and the girls were up 24/7 - I had to take a break and get some sleep. We went to Krispy Kreme and sat on the floor of the casino and had donuts and milk. Nola always has a laugh - she enjoys life. Her life hasn't been easy, she has had to work TOO hard for too long. She is still kind and generous and loving. I am honored to be her sister. There was a song out in the 60's "Norman" - it was her favorite song and she called herself Norman. Another song, "Just Walk on By" had a line "wait on the corner" - she always sung LOUD - "wait in the cellar". That's her point of reference. There weren't any corner's in Nutrioso, but we dang sure had a cellar. After moving to town - we (Lynn, Nola and I) went to a movie one night and on the way home stopped at Burt's liquors for one of the "roasted" chickens and took it home and ate it. After we finished it off, Nola said, "well, we just raped a chicken"...we just about choked. That's Nola. You never know what she's gonna say or do, just be prepared for anything. I love you!

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