Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy Crap It's Almost Thankgsiving

Where in the heck did August,


and October go?

It is now the middle of November - Thanksgiving is NEXT week, I can't believe it. It has been a busy time for me for some reason and I am so far behind that I might never get caught up.

I finally tackled (with Troy and Maggie's help) the garage, the woodpile and the little bedroom. The garage and the woodpile are great. The little bedroom will be great once I get everything put in its place. Kamryn thinks it is neat to have her own room at grandma's, complete with a tv.

Troy and Maggie are leaving in the morning for Wyoming. He has a temporary job there and they are all going. I am so sad. I don't know what I will do not being able to see Kamryn and Trentin, especially during the holidays. I know they need the work and I know it will be good for them, but being selfish, I can't stand it that they are taking the kids away from here.

I've had a housefull for the last three weeks. Velda and Tristan have been staying with me and I think they are almost settled in their rental. Ed and Tad came and went and Grandma Mary was here, too. It's amazing how you can make sleeping arrangements work in a little house when you need to. I just wish my rooms were a little bigger to make it more comfortable for everyone, but you know what, we were all fine and we had what we need.

The cold for the last couple of days hasn't been too fun. I for one, have enjoyed our awesome fall. I dread the cold coming and staying. I hope we get the snow we need for a great spring and summer.

Hope all is well with all of you - Happy Thanksgiving to all.

PS...Kamryn followed me into the laundry room the other day and said, "grandma, what's that smell? I turned to look at her and asked "what smell" and I caught her saying "the one that smells like a skump". I cracked up. If I hadn't been looking at her I would have thought she was saying "skunk" but she was saying "skump". Trentin calls me mahmaw - oh I'm gonna miss these babies.

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