Sunday, July 7, 2013

Look Who's 2...

Ryker Damar Allred...a real heart breaker.  So cute, so sweet, so loving.  I am so happy he's one of mine!
He LOVES his Dad and his Dad loves him.  He was helping his dad irrigate and I went down and snapped some pics.  We will have a birthday party when he gets home.
Not so sure about the cold water...

A penny for your thoughts?

If Dad says it's ok, then it must be ok...

SOS...capsized boat

Yep, it is ok!
He looks so much like Tad did at that age.  Makes my heart smile when I see him.  He LOVES to talk and will talk your leg off.  Gets that from his dad, too.  Dr. said he communicates exceptionally well for his age (that was back in January or February).  He came to this world with something to say - that may be an Allred thing because Brinley is the same way.  Well heck, I bet its a Rogers thing!


Nate and Emily said...

Happy late birthday Ryker. I forgot that he shares the same birthday with Trace, but Trace turned 3 this year. July 7... good day to be born I think! He's too cute to look too much like his dad! :) Hope all is well with you guys.

Dorlene said...

Happy Birthday even later Trace :o) Gosh he's growing up too fast Emily. They all are, I guess. Have a wonderful day!

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