Monday, July 1, 2013

Sad Day for Arizona

Yesterday, June 30, 2013 nineteen "hot shot" fire fighters the Granite Mountain Hot Shots from Prescott lost their lives when the wind changed and the fire rolled over them from behind.  It happened so quickly that they didn't stand a chance.  I saw a blippie on Facebook then turned on the news and I cried tears in sadness for these fallen heroes.  The news people's voices were own voice cracked when I called Tad to tell him.  I thought back two years ago and the tragedy of the Wallow Fire and in over 530,000 acres not a single life was lost.  This fire of 8,000 plus acres took out a hot shot team.  Each fire has a personality, each fire creates its own weather and with the wind blowing yesterday evening and the wind from the fire, the wind changed and trapped these guys.  I can't imagine the grief the other fire fighters are feeling.  These elite young men were engaged, newly married, new fathers, expectant fathers, sons, brothers, friends and HEROES.  I remember the worry two years ago for Kresta and Tim and all of the local people I knew PERSONALLY.  I remember the relief when it was over and they were all safe.  I feel for the local people that have served with the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, they have a special bond that the rest of us don't understand.  I saw Kresta's facebook post and she knew some of them.  It made me sad for her and so very selfishly grateful she is driving a haul truck this summer and not fighting fire.  Governor Brewer has ordered all flags to fly "half staff" until evening on July 3.  I saw an interview with Roy Hall (Bood) on Channel 12 and he mentioned the honor and respect for these young men.  I am so proud and grateful for the men and women who protect and serve every single day and who are willing to give their lives if necessary in that pursuit.  I am grateful that I was taught to be grateful.  My heart is sad for those dealing with this tragedy and my prayers join the many others on their behalf.

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