Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prayers Answered

It is so dry in our State and during the Granite Mountain Fire Tragedy the news said that the last time there was "normal" rain and snow in the State was 1992 so that means we are in year 21 of a drought.  When we went to Tucson for Tim's wedding I was so surprised when the Gila River was bone dry as was every other creek, wash or pond that we saw.  When Tad was moving in June I had to take some diesel to him just across the New Mexico State line and and thought that there wasn't a hint of green grass anywhere except on the highway where any moisture at all will run to the edge of the pavement.  We got a rain on the 30th of June and everyone just new our monsoons would start the 4th of July.  They did to some degree...it rained a little a couple of days.  It was announced in church that there would be a community pray for rain day on the 10th at 10:00 a.m.  the rain came and it rained hard.  Prayers answered.  The next day the rain came and it rained hard and fast.  Prayers answered.  It has been pretty much raining everyday and last night it rained just about all night long.  There are puddles of water in my driveway and in Stephen's driveway across the street. It's still cloudy and looks like it could rain some more.
Early morning clouds

The puddles in the driveway
Prayers answered.  I am so grateful to know that Heavenly Father does hear and answer prayers. He knows our needs, our wants, our desires and blesses us with our needs and forgives us for our wants and desires.  I look out and see my new green grass and am so grateful for the prayers answered.

Front lawn 7/162013

Front lawn 5/26/2013

Side Yard 7/16/2013
Side Yard 5/26/2013
Side Yard 5/26/2013

Back Yard 7/16/2013

 I am grateful for the beauties that surround me, each and every one.  I love the smell of the air up here, I love the sound of cars going to and from work. I love the smell and sounds from the sawmill across the road. I love hearing the doves cooing in the front trees.  I love watching the birds fight for seed in the feeders.  I love where I live and I love the summers here.  I wouldn't trade them for anywhere else in the world.

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