Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Party

Maggie had a birthday party for Kamryn last night. She made green chili chicken enchiladas and had Sarah do a Scooby Do cake. I had an ATV meeting at 6:00 and we finished up at about 6:35 and I raced to Maggie's to be there for the fun.

Kamryn yelled out the door while I was trying to get in the gate "it's my birthday, mo mo sadie" and I said "what?" "it's my birthday, mo mo sadie"..."are you sure?" "yes" Her mama was just pulling the enchiladas out of the oven and we were all starving. Kamryn insisted she was having cake for dinner and did! Trentin had some, too. He had blue icing from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. While Uncle Tad, Aunt Kara, mo mo Sadie, mama and daddy all ate enchiladas, Kamryn and Trentin enjoyed their dinner of cake (mostly icing). Try as we might, we couldn't get them to eat anything else. Troy said that was ok, it was probably better than McDonalds that they somtimes have :o)

Kamryn got a couple of baby dolls, a sleeping bag, a batman car, some money from Grandpa Buzzy and clothes and pajamas from mo mo sadie and Ed. She made out like a bandit and was fun to watch her open the presents. Instead of blowing out, she was sucking in for blowing out the candle, took her a minute to get the job done. She had a gread day and it was fun watching her and knowing for that time, it was all about her.

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Jenna said...

Ahh Pami Whami is so big! Gunnar wishes he could have been there for some Scooby Doo cake

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