Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Fourth and Other Things

My last post was about my Damara who would have turned 30. I have always watched Jennifer (sorry I told your age) and Jay (Jaybird) and wondered about how things might have been different but I am at peace. Velda and I had four babies together...Jennifer & Damara; Jenna & Emily; Tad & Michael and Cord & Maggie. Lynn & I had two together; Damara & Jay and Maggie & Keith. Nola and I had Sarah & Jenna together and Valerie & Maggie. Wade & Nancy got up to speed with Stuart & Maggie the same year. Boy we were busy little mamas and daddies back then. Bottom line, our kids have cousins the same age on one or both sides of the family. Pretty cool.
Well, I had a funderful 4th. Jenna and the kids came home with me after my dr. appt on Wednesday and we had a lot of fun. We took the kids to the park on Thursday morning and they LOVED it! Gunnar loves Mo Mo Sadie's little kid park. We took Kamryn and Trentin with us and it was a zoo with all four kids but so much fun for them. Jenna and I had a brain fart and decided to take them to Short Stop for a corn dog and drink and eat in the store. Well, that was too much distraction and they hardly ate a thing and just about drove Jenna and I over the edge.

Thursday afternoon, Jenna and I sat up tables and decorations for Ronnie & Kaylin's wedding. Yes they finally married after six or seven years. I hope they have a happy marriage. We were a little disappointed they didn't use Jenna's wedding planning services but after the rain came down we were equally as glad we didn't have a ton to clean up.
Jenna's class held their 10 year reunion on Friday night and she was so excited to go and see her old friends. Some she hasn't seen since graduation and when she and Weston got home Friday night she was so glad she went. She and Weston and Nate and Emily went on a night quad ride. I think she had a good weekend. We took the kids back to the park on Friday morning and Gunnar said again he loved Mo Mo Sadie's park. After the park we brought them home and let them race boats down the ditch. That was so fun and all four kids were soaked from head to toe but still wanting to play in the water the next stop was the bathtub...

Saturday morning I rode in the parade with the ATV Club. Holy Crap! I have never seen so many people in Eagar. There were so many people and little kids that the parade was single file until the Eagar Laundromat - I brought candy for the kids to throw but with the huge crowds, we didn't have enough. That was too bad. In Springerville there was still a ton of people but not nearly as many and certainly not as many kids. The parade was awesome from all reports!

We went to mom and dad's for a bbq after the parade. It was fun to eat and chill out. The kids were all hot and tired so it didn't take long before we were all heading places to put kids down for naps. Kamryn and Gunnar spent most of the weekend naked...playing in the water in my back yard they would shuck their clothes in a heart beat. The jumped on the trampoline and played in the water until they were exhausted.

Jenna and Weston left on Sunday evening. It was late and all of a sudden it was so quiet in my house. I love every crazy minute they are here and then the sudden silence is always so sad. I love my grand babies and hope they love coming to Mo mo's. Thanks, Jenna for baking and decorating cookies with Gunnar and Kamryn. They had a ball and the critics raved about the good cookies :o)

I have posted random pictures - they tell the story of love...for each other, for a good time, for their Aunts and Uncles and for Tad's jack russell puppy, Ali - short for aligator. Gunnar loved her. So here's the story of our fourth in pictures. Hope you all had a good one. Love you all.

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