Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Again

Where does time go? Last week is a blur and I don't know why. Went to Olive Rothlisberger's funeral on Wednesday...she is Daddy's first cousin. Her mother was my Grandpa Rogers' only sister. Grandpa (Floyd) was the oldest then Noble, Leona, Albert and Tom. From the Rogers family I am related to Noble's posterity (Hazel Donaldson); Leona's (Leona Looker Rogers); Albert's (Farrah Jaramillo) and Tom's (Merrilea McBride). "What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to conceive..." I read that quote once and it makes sense.

We had Primary Activity Day on Friday...a big birthday party for everybody. Jodi planned water games and the kids had a ball. They ate cupcakes and ice cream until they couldn't hold any more and played water balloon toss and relays until they were pooped. It was fun and the kids kind of grow on ya.

Tad and I went to the movie and dinner with Kaylinn & Ronnie on Friday night. We went to see "The Proposal" cute chick flick but Tad and Ronnie enjoyed it too.

I'm on maintenance on my diet and trying to manage 2 pounds. I lost 19.4 pounds through the protocol and down to 21. The 19.4 to 21 is the pounds I am trying to manage. One day it drops the next it crawls up...interesting but I am learning a lot.

April is in Missouri and I am going to have Nursery today. Not sure this is the calling for me, but who knows. I love the Sunbeams in my primary and Janie and Megan do such a good job with them.

Went on a quad ride yesterday - Slaughter Circle. Hank and I rode from my house to Big Lake and then the actual ride. Went to PS lookout; PS Ranch and back to Big Lake and home. My carburetor is sticking and I was leaking gas so we bailed a little early to get me back home. The mountain close to the res is gorgeous. WE NEED RAIN! The roads are being beat to death by cars and the dust is horrible. There were campsites under every tree on the mountain - I want to go camping.

I've been so trashy here at yard is dry and the grass needs to be mowed. Maybe tomorrow...

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