Thursday, July 23, 2009

...Melts My Heart

Gunnar melts my heart when he woke up this morning and realized he was sleeping with Mo Mo Sadie, looks over at me and gives me a HUGE smile.

Bailey melts my heart when I was sitting on the couch watching Secret Agent Oso with Gunnar and she crowds in as close as she can get and sits by me. When she realizes I am watching her every move and reach down to rub her little back, she watches my every move.

Gunnar melts my heart when we are laying in bed playing with the dinosaurs and I am the sharp tooth and he is Little Foot and he makes an earth shake and sharp tooth falls into the earth shake and he laughs.

Bailey melts my heart when she tells me to sit down on the couch so she can sit on my lap and run her hand down my shirt and feel for my garments.

Gunnar melts my heart when he tells me about playing at Kamryn's house and that she has a swide and he helped Trentin swing so very high. He loves his cousins.

Bailey melts my heart when she watches my every move and interacts with this crazy lady that Gunnar seems to be crazy about and she isn't exactly sure why.

I'm here to baby sit - Jenna started a new job today and she didn't have anyone to baby sit so 4 hours later, here's Mo Mo Sadie to the rescue! Didn't have this trip planned but hey, I'm glad I could come and help out. Really glad to spend the time with Gunnar and Bailey. It is too bad they live 4 hours away, but I really appreciate every minute I get to spend with them.

I wish that I could have brought Kamryn and Trentin...they would all have fun together. Sure is a lot of work to have all of them together, but they all love each other and that is the most important thing.

LOVE is the most IMPORTANT thing we have to to all of you.

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