Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Spring Days and Dog Poop

I love the spring in RV...except windy days (so how many AREN'T)? Those few and far between perfect days when you are dying to get outside and work in the yard and KNOW better because the next wind storm undoes everything it took you three days to do. Anyhooooo knowing better and still doing it, I've been working out in the yard this week. I hate to admit I'm so out of shape that by the end of the first day I was feeling some unused muscles that were screaming "YOU IDIOT", the end of the second day found me in a bad mood (because of the out of shape, hurting, and frustration at being out of shape and hurting vicious circle) and my body was going into survival mode. It hurt to sit on the potty, it hurt to bend over and pick up the kids toys and it hurt to have Kamryn ride on my back. Do you know how lame it sounds with "grandma hurts today" on a NICE day? I got the front flower bed back under control (I let it hair over for winter to cut down on winter kill), watered the rose bushes that are sprouting out nicely after their fall pruning and started in the back yard. How in the hell does one dog poop so much? After it starts getting really cold, I don't pick up dog poop until early spring so needless to say, I had a LOT to pick up. I find that is the job NOBODY ever offers to help with, not that anybody offers to help with anything else, either, but they wouldn't do that one with a big reward at the end, my reward is having Sadie as my buddy, I guess. Hopefull by the end of the day the back yard will be in great shape and I can start watering. I HATE having to pay so much to even keep the yard alive, not lush, just alive. I'm one of those that starts praying for the monsoons in March...never too early to start.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the beauties that surround them wherever they are. I'm loving seeing all of the trees in town leafing grape hyacinths were so pretty this spring, and now I have touches of green in my lawn and the best part of all is at about 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. I can hear all of the birds singing. I hear activity at the mill and I am grateful that there are people with jobs. I am grateful that in spite of the economic down turn, my kids have still found ways to survive. I am grateful that I have each of you in my life.

Have a good day at work, at play, or whatever. I love you!

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Ginger said...

I hope you are feeling better soon... sore muscles are almost as irritating as colds! I always feel better after reading your posts... have a good day!

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