Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whew! The Weekend is Over

Ed got home Thursday night and I had been working like a maniac in the yard so we got Subway Thursday night. I worked in the yard all day again on Friday so we went to Safire for Fish Fry night (pretty good, by the way) and Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Todd and Carmen. I had the kids Thursday a.m., Thursday p.m. and Kamryn spent the night Friday night. Saturday morning I was beat. I had the kids until Saturday evening and then I had to go to the grocery store before we could eat. Ed kept teasing that I was hinting I wanted to go out again, which I wasn't. I just hadn't had a minute to get to the store. We are grilling steak and he's getting ready to go back to Buckhorn. When he leaves I'm gonna sit on my tired b*t# and do nothing. I think I'm getting old fast, and I don't know why.

We were supposed to go on a quad ride on Saturday but when I went out to start my quad on Friday, I found that somebody's granddaughter had turned the key on (two weeks ago) and the battery had literally died. No amount of jumping or charging could get it going again, so $75 bucks later I can be on the trail again. The lawn mower needed a new battery and Ed was afraid to tell me that the battery for it was only $24 (he told me it was real expensive last summer so EVERY week, I jump started the dang thing). He changed the oil in both our trucks, we just didn't get to everything we planned on because of little people but I guess some of it can wait.
The kids won't be little for very long and the definitely won't want to hang around old people in a few years so we better enjoy them while we can.

I had sharing time today and thank goodness it is over for another month. I traded with Jodi as she is out of town this weekend and I had planned on being out of town next weekend until I realized that next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and the ATV club has volunteered to help with the pit bbq. Saw Jennifer at church today. Her boys are getting so big and are the cutest little guys ever. I don't know how she keeps up.

On Wednesday, I had Kamryn and I took her to Sonic for an apple slush. We were almost to my house and she grabs her throat and said, "mo mo sadie, my throat hurts". I quickly thought that maybe it tasted funny or something and asked, "what's wrong with it?" - her reply..."it's hungry". Later on her cute little denim shorts were falling off her skinny little butt and she looks at her backside and said "what's going on in my shorts?" hmmm...don't know what's going on in there kiddo, except that your shorts are too big. You never know what that kid is going to say, and Jenna says that Bailey boo is going to be a talker, too. Gunnar is kind of quiet but if he has something to tell you, he will talk your leg off. Trentin just grunts and you know what he wants.
Trentin is the silent type, I guess. (He gets it from his mo mo sadie)
Have a good week all, and know that I think of you often.

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