Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 1956

Well, wasn't my little world turned upside down on that day 53 years ago? That's when Lynn was born. Now I'm guessing I wasn't the happy camper that everyone thought that I should be - come on, the world DID revolve around me and all of a sudden I have to share with a baby. Everybody knows babies get ALL the attention - WHAT were they thinking, bringing him home? We were 19 months apart and really did get along pretty good until he was home for about 2 hours. Then HE became the MEANEST little *#%! on earth. I ALWAYS played trucks with him. I ALWAYS played at the creek with the boys. When it was time to play dolls... that little (#*$ would hang them in trees, pull their heads off - you name it. The boys ALWAYS cheated - I got one or two strikes and I was out - they got however many they wanted. Needless to say, I got tough and I got mean. I could take care of myself, thanks in a big way to Lynn.

We used to get in some pretty mean fights and I could hit with the best of them. I wasn't much of a screamer or pincher, just down right knock his block off. When we were still quite little, he pestered me until I could not take another second, hit him in the head with a pop can (they used to have the rims on them like vegetable cans and had to be opened with the "church key" can openers) and lucky me, I cut his head open and we had to go to town for stitches. I didn't get in trouble, I didn't deserve to get in trouble. I will always remember going to town for stitches.

That kid probably got a spanking a day for the first five years of his life and I say he never got one he didn't deserve and probably didn't get as many as he needed. He tested my mom's patience to no end. The warning of "don't go to the creek" was NEVER heeded - thus a spanking with a willow or a flyswatter, or a belt or her hand. Man it didn't take me long to figure out NO meant NO. The warning of "don't run off" was NEVER heeded - thus a spanking. My mom got to be a pretty good shot with rocks - Lynn thought he could out run her when he was in trouble so he wouldn't get a spanking - she nailed him with a rock. He says he was abused.

We got closer when we were getting in/out of High School. When we were all first married, we used to go bowling or to pizza or the movies or out on the mountain all of the time. Then one day kids started coming along and it was harder to go and do.

I've always known if I really needed something, all I had to do was call. Lynn has had some rough times over the past ten years and this spring he was almost killed in an ATV wreck. That really shook me up - the thought of losing my brother was too real and too close. I do LOVE Lynn. He is a grouch and has a soft heart. He has a witty sense of humor. He sometimes has a lot of patience and other times explodes like a bomb. He loves animals and has quite a zoo going down in Morenci. He is a hard worker and a hard player. He learned something that my dad never learned - how to play. He has spent countless hours hunting and fishing and wood hauling with his family. He spent countless hours involved with Little League when his kids were little.

He loves his kids and his family. I hope he had a Happy Birthday, Love you.

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