Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last of the Kennedys

This week the news that Ted Kennedy passed away brought to mind the Kennedy era in which I grew up. I remember being quite young when John Kennedy was elected president - don't recall the process, just that he was the president of the United States. I remember pictures of his young family, Jackie who was considered beautiful for her time and a classy dresser - her suits and dresses and her hats. I think everyone has seen the pictures of Caroline dressed in her little wool coat and John Jr. dressed in shorts. The times of dressing like that are gone for most people, maybe the people with money still dress their children like that.

I remember watching television and hearing President Kennedy's "ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country" speech. He is quoted from time-to-time. I remember hearing at school that President Kennedy had been assisinated and seeing for the rest of my life those pictures of the motorcade and the pictures of his wife and children. The conspiracy stories live and who knows what the real truth is. That is one of the questions I want to ask on the other side...and not that it's any of my business, but "did O.J. do it?"

A few laters, Robert F. Kennedy, who was running for president was assasinated and then you would see Ted emerging as a senator who made a name for himself through his many years of service. Sometimes the things we heard were not always as a public official should act - his extra marital affairs and the "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Mary Jo"...

We heard the stories of extra marital affairs of the President - we watched the family go through many struggles and probably thought they should have been above them. Bribery, accusations of murder, my goodness - their stories could make for a sit on the egde of you chair mini series.

I felt a real sense of sadness when John Jr. died and the horrible wait for the family as they searched the sea to find the bodies of his wife, sister-in-law and himself.

I have watched Caroline serve quietly and watched Maria serve quite publicly. The Kennedys have been known for service and for championing the under dog. They have a lasting legacy, be it good or be it tainted by the actions of some.

I guess we are all pretty much like them - we just don't live our lives in the public eye as they do. We too will have a lasting legacy and it will be known by the choices we made. Hopefully ours, too, will speak of service and hopefully lots of goodness.

I just got out of my truck and heard Ted Kennedy Jr. as he spoke of his father and heard his voice crack with the pain of losing a loved-one and it just made me think.

Today will be a good day...Elyse and Marian are getting baptized this evening. Tammy's girls are so sweet and I am honored that they have asked me to give the closing prayer. Hugs from those girls, ahhhh there's nothing better.

Tad is golfing with Larry and Duane. Ed is in Buckhorn. The kids are running through the house and playing and I'm just thankful for this day. Thankful for each of you. Thankful I hear the neighbor's lawn mower, thankful for the BEAUTIES that surround me.

Have a good day and love to all.

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