Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

WOW! The 2nd best day of summer. Yesterday was the best day because that was the first true rain we've had ALL summer, and yes, we're keeping track. Today it came, as Don used to say, "a turd floater" and float it did. We had a little hail and lots of water and I am so excited. If it would do this every day for a week or two, we would be in great shape. I am so thankful for answered prayers.

Another Sunday and we're off to the start of another week. I spent the first half of Primary in Nursery with Kamryn and again I am thankful for good nursery leaders. We spent the second half in Sharing Time for the Senior Primary. The kids are so good and Brother Smith is great with them. He is really getting their interest for music time. Kamryn LOVED it - maybe she'll make a better Sunbeam than she does in nursery.

I just growled at Trentin and made him cry. He noticed Sadie's "bum" because her tail curls up over her backend and he was trying to touch it. I growled "YUCK" and made him cry and now he is in the bathroom hiding from me. (Oh yah...try playing in the toilet) I think he thinks "I'll show you YUCK!" Dang little toot is ALWAYS into something. He is so sweet and we get along pretty dang good. I think Bailey is the one that has to warm up to me before she's ok with the nutty lady that shows up from time to time.

I miss Jenna, Weston, Gunnar and Bailey. Why do they have to live so far away? Gunnar won't talk on the phone so I'm limited in conversation to face-to-face. Bailey Boo will talk once in a while. Kamryn will talk you leg off and Trentin grabs the phone and runs.

I am so blessed and I know that I am and I am so THANFUL to a LOVING, Father in Heaven that knows me, knows the desires of my heart, knows my limitations, knows my abilities and knows what I need. The Gospel is central to my whole being and I am thankful to know Him and know that he LOVES me! Trentin stinks. Guess it's time for Grandma to quit playing on the "pooter" and get back to work. Have a great week and love to all.

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