Sunday, August 30, 2009


We were released from the Primary Presidency today. It was a day of mixed emotions. I have truly enjoyed serving in the Primary and LOVE the children. Some of them really tug at my heartstrings and I will be sad to not be with them every week. On the other hand, I'm surprised they kept me this long. When Bishop Talbot and Br. Haws showed up at my house in January I told them they had the wrong person...I cuss like a sailor. I only cussed once after a Scout activity - I had all of the boys in my truck and they were buckled in (thank goodness) and had just dropped a couple off and we were on 2nd Street heading west to Main street when the chick in the green car with pink hub caps pulled in front of me heading to the Library. (Must have had a first-come, first-serve something or other, because she was hell-bent to get there). I was at the turn, a white van with a mom and her children were coming out of the library and the nut cut right in front of me...come on, how hard is it to not see my red truck? I slammed on my brakes, put my arm out to restrain any air-borne kids and said "SHIT!"..."Sister Maloy!" comes from the back seat. The nut goes to the library - the lady in the white van looks at her, looks at me and throws up her hands, I am about to have a heart attack. I hate the responsibilty of hauling anyone's kids, I am always worried that something could happen and I would never forgive myself if something did. If I hadn't slammed, and I mean slammed on my brakes, I would have pushed the green car into the white van. Ditz...don't know who she is, but man, when I see her now, I give her a wide berth.

Anyway, pretty good for 8 months. The children have won my heart, especially the Jr. Primary. Those little kids are awesome and loving and smart and everyone of them are CHILDREN of GOD.

Kamryn and I went to Elyse and Marian's baptism yesterday evening. It was so nice. Tammy's four girls sang "Love At Home" (an Allred family favorite) accompanied on the violin by Nate Walter (Emily's husband). Touching and spirtual. Emily spoke on Baptism, Ryan baptized the girls and Tristan spoke on the Holy Ghost and Steve confirmed them. Nate then blessed Hallie so that the girls' ordinances are up to date. I was honored that Tammy asked me to say the closing prayer. I do love my neices and nephews and always am honored when they include me in their family things. Kamryn loved going to Steve & Velda's afterward for the bbq. She and Trentin played hard. She is proud of herself, she is no longer scared of Steve. "Belda" is becoming someone she is comfortable to be around and she loves playing with "my friends"...the girls. The girls are so loving, they hug everyone and you can tell that Tammy and Brando are wonderful parents.

I am grateful for the blessings of the gospel, the blessings of family, the blessings of friends.

Have a good day and a great week.

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Ginger said...

I think I'll be in Cub Scouts forever! You didn't post who the new presidency is...

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