Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm working on some ATV trail stuff last night, trying to finish so I can go to bed. Sadie is insistent she needs out, so I let her out. I am just finishing my work when I smell skunk. I open the back door and it is STRONG...I call for Sadie and I can tell by the way she is snorting and sniffing she's got a snoot full. DAMNED DOG...I make her come in and start the bath and she starts freaking out because she HATES baths. Chasing her through the house and calling her a *%#$&( brings Tad out of his room. I just about have her cornered when she sees Tad's door open and guess who jumps up on his bed? Cussing a little louder now and threatening her life, I finally get her in the tub and we start washing skunk off. During the chase, I kicked her butt once and grabbed a plastic clothes hanger and gave her a couple of whacks. Sadie is MAD at me but endures the bath. At about midnight I crawl into bed thinking I'm too old for this crap.

This morning Sadie looks at me and walks off. I talk to her and she ignores me. She plays with Ali all around me but totally gives me the cold shoulder. She still has a very faint skunk smell around her mouth so I'm thinking vanilla mouth wash for her. When I'm done with that she's really gonna be pissed.

My dilemma for the I set a trap or do I just get the 22 out and take this little stinker out? He's been in the neighborhood for the past month and frankly, I'm ready for him to be somewhere else, like skunk heaven. (IF there is a skunk heaven). Besides I don't want him thinking this is a nice neighborhood, let's move the family in...

I noticed Tad skipped his early morning shower this morning (probably because I didn't scrub the bathroom at midnight) and maybe he's worried he'll smell like a skunk AFTER his shower, oh who knows.

I rode to Curves with Darlene this morning and she didn't mention "skunk" odor...maybe I didn't get any on me when I wrestled Sadie down and I mean physically wrestled her down. I smelled skunk at the front fence this morning, I'm hoping that means the skunk was outside the fence and not in the yard. Maybe I'll go out tonight and see if he's on the street and do a hit and run...

Got to get off my butt and scrub the bathroom, now doesn't that sound like fun when it's gonna be another hot one here today?

Hope you all have a good day.

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Ginger said...

I am with you! It seems like there are a million skunks this year! I really hate them. I drove by your house the other day and noticed how pretty your flowers are. My daisies are all dead now... wish I could come steal some of yours. Hope your day gets better!

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